Monday, June 20, 2005

Good ,your achievement !

The Lotus blossom

David English
"The lotus blossom
dragon rises"
people say

-Issa, 1805
43 years old , vivid activity at Edo with Seibi who was rich and famous amateur haikuist at that time.

sakuo Japanese
蓮咲けば 竜躍り出る 人の言う
hasu sakeba tatu odorideru hito no iu

Issa Original
蓮の花辰上りしと人のいふ 一茶
hasu [no] hana tatsu noborishi to hito no iu "

David comment
Or: "someone says." Is this mysterious haiku referring to a Japanese proverb? Or is someone comparing the lotus blossom, which rises out of water, to an aquatic dragon, iridescent and spiked with horns? Other possibilities?

sakuo remark
Congratulation for the blossom of your achievement!

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