Thursday, June 09, 2005

hung down like a bat

from the arm

David English
from the arm
of the Deva Kings
bats dangle

-Issa, 1824
62 years old, married second wife Uki on May, soon divorced on August. lost ability of speaking by paralysis. recovered and moved around on a carriage.

sakuo Japanese
蝙蝠や 仁王の腕より ぶる下がる
koumori ya niou no ude yori burusagaru

Issa Original
かはほりや仁王の腕にぶら下り 一茶
kawahori ya niô no ude ni burasagari

Two fierce Deva Kings (niô) stand guard at a temple gate. In modern Japanese "bat" is pronounced, kômori. Issa pronounced it, kawahori.

sakuo Image
At this time he was not free because of paralysis, so he was visiting his friends with carriage. He should dangle the belt of the carriage just like the bat.

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