Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It is nice to look young Wife !

heat shimmers

David English
heat shimmers--
in the threshold crushing
hair lice

-Issa, 1815
53 years old. On last year he has got his father's asset and married with Kiku.
September he went to Edo to publish his poem book. and being to Bosyu for visiting his haiku friends. come back to his village on December.

Sakuo Japanese
陽炎や 軒ばで つぶす 毛のしらみ

Issa Original
陽炎や敷居でつぶす髪虱 一茶
kagerô ya shikii de tsubusu kami-jirami

Sakuo remark
This haiku is about his young wife named Kiku,
who is innocently at crushing lice in sunny room.
Are you happy, Mr Issa ?

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