Thursday, September 22, 2005

My beloved woman

Issa Original
亡母や海見る度に見る度に naki haha ya umi miru tabi ni miru tabi ni

David’s English
my dead mother---
every time I see the ocean,
every time…

Sakuo comment
Issa’s mother has died at his 3 years old. His family lived in mountain.
There is no strong relation between his mother and sea.
At this time he had a female student in Futtsu, seaside town. He loved her so much.
Bud she died after pleasant ku meeting with Issa. Her name is Kakyou.
I think Issa had double image, mother and Kakyou, in this haiku.

Sakuo Renku
思い出している海辺の人も omoi dasi teru umibe no hito mo
remembering a lady too
lived on the seashore

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