Sunday, May 15, 2005

baby or young girl ?

chin on hands

David English
chin on handsa face like Kannon'sin willow shade

-Issa, 1820
58 years old, on October second son born. fall over and was smitten by palsy ,but lightly. wrote haiku literatures.

sakuo Japanese
顎に手を 観音顔 や 柳陰
ago ni te wo kannon kao ya yanagi kage

Issa Original
頬杖は観音顔や柳かげ 一茶
hohozue wa kannon kao ya yanagi kage

Kannon is the Buddhist goddess of mercy.

sakuo remark
At this time Issa himself was attacked by several disease. And He lost his wife and children in this term.
Who is Kannon like face ? Is it his children ? Or his wife, Or some one in his imagination?
I suppose it is not baby but young girl that is suggested by willow.
Who is she ??

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