Sunday, May 22, 2005

Don't mind, I did it !

rain splashing

David English
rain splashing
the morning-glories...
my pillow

-Issa, 1818
56 years old, stay in Sinano. first daughter was born on May.

Issa  Original
朝顔をざぶとぬらして枕哉 一茶
asagao wo zabu to nurashite makura kana

David comment
Much is left for the reader's imagination in this haiku. "Rain" is not literally mentioned but is implied. Also, the word, "pillow" (makura), suggests the poet's posture: he lies indoors with head on pillow, seeing or thinking about the morning-glories outside in the rain.

sakuo's Drama
I think [zabu to] is not rain ,because [zabu to] means a lot of water that would be a bucket of water.
It was hot in summer morning. Issa waked up early and watched the morning-glories weakened, so he back to the bed and said to his wife "Kiku"
Why didn't you give water to the flowers. Hearing it Kiku
hurried to get up and splashed water to the morning-glories ,
that had been deformed with a lot of water.
Without a word she got into bed.
And husband Issa made this haiku.
He has room in his heart at this time.

sakuo English
splashing water
on the morning-gloriesback
to the pillow

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Anonymous said...

Oh, your interpretation of this haiku is my favorite (well I seem to have many favorites :-))
I just feel the splash of water and the comfort of returning to bed while the morning glories wake up revived.