Tuesday, May 17, 2005

gentle as O-take san !

baby sparrow

David English
baby sparrowis O-Take Buddhaat the sink

-Issa, 1817
55 years old. married at 52 years old with Kiku, next year he get first son but soon died. From January to June stayed in Edo, and returned to Kashiwabara.

sakuo Japanese
小雀や お竹佛の 台所に
ko suzume ya otake butu no daidoko ni

Issa Original
雀子やお竹如来の流し元 一茶
suzumego ya otake nyorai no nagashimoto

R.H. Blyth explains that "O-Take Buddha" refers to a servant who was legendary for being frugal, never throwing away a single grain of rice. The baby sparrow at the sink is eating crumbs, much like its namesake. See Haiku (Tokyo: Hokuseido, 1949-1952; rpt. 1981-1982/reset paperback edition) 2.523.

sakuo image
Issa is so gentle that he look a little sparrow as like O-take san with warm his eyes.

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