Monday, May 30, 2005

Begger Issa will go to New sect !

the Twelfth Month singers

David English
the Twelfth Month singers
don't turn around and look...
Sumida River

-Issa, 1806
44 years old. Lived in Edo

sakuo Japanese
節気ぞろ 振り向きもせず 隅田川
Settuki zoro fur imuki mo sezu sumida-gawa

Isaa Original
sekizoro no mimuki mose nu ya sumida-gawa

David Comment
Sekizoro refers to a Twelfth Month custom in which strolling singers wandered from town to town, singing festive celebration songs; Kiyose (Tokyo: Kakugawa Shoten, 1984) 348. Shinji Ogawa adds, "They covered their mouths like ladies in the Arab countries. They usually consisted of three or four persons with some types of musical instruments

sakuo image
Sumida-gawa flows through the Katusika district. Issa has belonged to the same named haiku sect.
Now is year end and New year will come soon, like Kisetu zoro, I will leave from the old sect and will go to new sponcer.

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