Tuesday, May 10, 2005

If eating the blossoms, I am hungry

blossoms piled high--

David English
blossoms piled high--a blizzard in the dog's bowl

-Issa, 1808
46 years old. Last year end returned to home village for father's asset negotiation. On June in Kashihabara again, attended to Grand mother's 33 th Buddha ceremony.On November Having settled the negotiation with his half brother. On December , returned to Edo, his residence has been occupied by others unknown.

sakuo Japanese
花びらの 積もるや吹雪 犬の椀
hanabira no tumoru ya fubuki inu no wan

Issa Original
yamamori no hana no fubuki ya inu no wan

sakuo remark
This scene is great beauty but dog can not eat the blossom.The Dog is hungry in the blizzard of flower.Issa were watching it, he is also hungry, feel so sad !

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