Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Powerfull Bush Clover !!

down and dirty

David English
down and dirty just as is...bush clover blooms

-Issa, 1807
55 years old. married at 52 years old with Kiku, next year he get first son but soon died. From January to June stayed in Edo, and returned to Kashiwabara.

sakuo Japanese
落ちよごれ 丁度そのまま 萩咲きぬ
oti yogore tyoudo sono mama hagisaki nu

Issa Original
kitanai to iu mama hagi no saki ni keri

Checking kigo of Bush Clover and similar haikus.
After all those haiku's characters are as follow.
They are symbol of autumn and the mide of autumn.
They are combined with deer , dog ,cat and kitten.
The flowers are used for sleeping, hiding, covering and blocking .

sakuo remark
what kind of real mean is hidden in this haiku ? There is nothing .This haiku only describe mid-autumn and power of survival of bush clover.

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