Sunday, May 01, 2005

Hot day, hot day after ill !

at my hut

David English
at my huteven the grass this summerlost weight

-Issa, 1816
54 years old, 2 year before, after getting father's asset, married with Kiku.On April first son born, soon died.
On July at Naganuma, he become ill. On Octber went to Edo,
shaved his head hair. He went around Bousyu district for
the greeting of farewell. as well as he published memorial book as retirement.

sakuo Jpanese
わが庵に 夏草さえも 軽きかな
waga iho ni natukusa sae mo karuki kana

Issa Original
waga iho wa kusa mo natuyase shitari keri

sakuo image
The grass lost weight as well as me too. On July he was ill
at Naganuma. So he has painfull time in this summer hot days.

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