Saturday, May 07, 2005

watching the river

David English
watching the river through window of trees...spring rain falls

-Issa, 1804
42 years old, live in Edo, getting new haiku friends of Natume's group.And Nakamura and other haiku friend had come to Edo from Kasihabara, his home village.

sakuo Japanese
川眺がむ 木々の窓から 春の雨
kwa nagamu kigi no mado kara haru no ame

Issa Original
kawa miyuru ko no ma no mado ya haru no ame

sakuo image
Issa has been staying at Nagare-yama where his rich sponsor ,Akimoto lived. He always become easy during stay at there.The river flowed with full of water in Spring rain.Issa saw the scene through the mansion's window that made it more painterly .

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