Tuesday, March 29, 2005

coming out, it's great honour

coming out

David English
coming out to a hot world, earthworm's prosperity

-Issa, 1821
59 years old. on January his second son died on his mother's back. On April his wife got sick of gout . At Zenkou-ji , the biggest Temple of Jyoudo Buddhist, his haiku board was displayed. His effort has been admitted in the area of north Sinano province.

sakuo Japanese
atui sekai he deru ga mimizu no eiyo kana

Issa Original
atsui yo e deru ga mimizu [no] eyô kana

sakuo Image
I presume that [ eyou] means [栄誉= great honour]. Issa is getting famous as haikuist, it is bother him to some extend, he want to hide in the earth where is calmly and easy, but world didn't allow him to stay under the ground, he gave up and he said to himself that earthworm- yo, issa-yo get out to the world ,it is your great honour.

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