Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Rain or Shine, I trust Budha


David English
umbrella-hatssun in Buddha!

-Issa, 1811
49 years old, he lost his last teeth. Next year he will return toKasihabara. He has gotten the upper class in the haikuist ranking of Japan.

sakuo Japanese
雨笠や 日笠や 仏信じけり
amagasa ya higasa ya hotoke sinjikeri

Issa Original
ama-gasa mo higasa mo anata makase kana

David Comment
The phrase anata makase ("trust in the Beyond!") refers specifically to trusting in the saving power of Amida Buddha. "Umbrella-hats" (ama-gasa) and "parasols" (higasa) protect from rain and sun, respectively. Issa's meaning seems to be: Rain or shine, the best course is to trust in Buddha!

sakuo Image
Rain or shine, I trust Buddha on every thing !

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