Sunday, March 27, 2005

sickle moon clouded , I vanish my severity too

sickle moon

David English
the sickle moonall clouded over...when I go out

-Issa, 1813
51 years old, On January the thirteen memorial party of his father's death , the negotiation of father's asset has finished. Many times he visited haiku friend in North Sinano. On June and July he was ill in bed for blotch .

sakuo Japanese
三日月 曇りきったり (われ)出でし時
mike no tuki kumori kittu tari (ware) idesi toki

Issa Original
mika no tsuki kasuman to shite iri ni keri

David Comment
Issa has waited too late to go out moon-gazing.The moon is a "three-day moon"...just a sliver.

sakuo Comment
[kasu man] means [ I want to mist myself] . [hairikeri] is [ he entered into something]. I think that the something is mist or cloud or mountain.
The moon wants to vanish away before other's eyes.It is no use to define [what is the something]
In this haiku, Issa want to say that I will vanish my severity and become mild.

sakuo English
the sickle moon want to mist get into

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