Saturday, March 26, 2005

showered all at once


David English
plowing the field in a shower of mountain cherry blossoms

-Issa, 1814
52 years old, The settlement of father's asset has been decided, he got his share.marred with Kiku. On August went to Edo for preparation of retirement.

sakuo Japanese
耕すや 夕立のごと 山桜
tagayasu ya yuudati no goto yama-zakura

Issa Original
hata utsu ya zaburi to abiru yamazakura.

sakuo's Key point
[zaburi to] is echo-word . It is refered to water. [ zaburi to] means [ a lot of ... at once ] So I image such scene that Issa is plowing under the cherry blossom. When he pass the tree,strong wind suddenly blow ,and a lot of the pedals fell on him all at once.And he feel [ zaburi to abita]

sakuo English
plowing field-- showered all at once mountain cherry blossoms

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