Friday, March 18, 2005

standing tall

David English
standing tall in the spring rain...nettle tree

-Issa, 1804
42 years old, live in Edo, getting new haiku friends of Natume's group.And Mr Nakamura and other haiku friend had come to Edo from Kasihabara, his home village.

sakuo Japanese
背伸びする 春雨の中 榎木かな
senobi suru harusame ni enoki kana

Issa Original
harusame no naka ni tachitaru enoki kana

sakuo Comment
Nettle tree often has grown to large size. People don't like the tree because it bring a lot of leaves in Autumn .I have seen the tree at the front of Issa's house. So I pain this haiga from my sketch in Kasihabara.

Issa site

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