Monday, March 21, 2005

I do my best in any way.

in the short night

David English
in the short nightthe dew works fast...leaves of grass

-Issa, 1816
53 years old, a year before, after getting father's asset, married with Kiku.He decided to settle down in the home village and went around Bousyu district for the greeting of farewell. as well as he published memorial book as retirement.

sakuo Japanese
短夜に 露の早くや 草葉かな
mijika yo ni tuyu no hayaku ya kusa ba kana

Issa Original
mijika yo wo sassa to tsuyu no kusa-ba kana

sakuo Impression
What does Issa want to say by [ sassa ]that means [quickly] as well as
[ I go by keeping my own pace ] I feel that Issa want to say, how my surroundings would change, I will go my way . I have got father's asset and got married.I am busy, I have no time, I must do my best in any way.

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