Saturday, March 05, 2005

Is the first snow beggar ?

they curse the first snow

David English
they curse the first snow like it's a stop

-Issa, 1824
62 years old, married third wife on May, soon divorced on August. lost ability of speaking by paralysis. recovered and moved around on a carriage.

sakuo Japanese
hatuyuki wo kojiki to norou kyukeijyo

Issa Original
hatsu yuki wo kojiki yoba[wa]ri tateba kana

sakuo Comment
I have grown up at Kanbara that was one of Tokai-do 53 rest stops. You would remind aUkiyo-e, named "the snow Kanbara" by Hirosige, famouse Ukiyoe painter.My old house stood along Tokai-do, and one of my ancestor was a horse doctor as well as coper. I can remember the old atmosphere of the tateba in this haiku.

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