Monday, March 14, 2005

Oh, damn! honeybees


David English
honeybees--but right next doorhornets

-Issa, 1824
62 years old, married second wife on May, soon divorced on August. lost ability of speaking by paralysis. recovered and moved around on a carriage.

sakuo Japanese
蜜蜂や すぐ横っちょに 雀蜂
mitubati ya sugu yokottutyo ni suzume bati

Issa Original
mitsu-bachi ya tonari ni kaseba arare-bachi

sakuo Comment
I think this haiku conveys human relation between he and his relative.Issa lent honeybees box to the house next door that is his half brother'shouse. Time to time the bees come over to Issa's garden and stinghis family. Gentle honeybees transform themself into violent bees. Issa had no good emotion to his brother's family.

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