Monday, March 07, 2005

winter prayers for Ten Night Festival

rice field to rice field

David English
rice field to rice field cutting straight through...winter prayers

-Issa, 1823
61 years old. Kiku has got sick on Feudally and died on May, and third son died on December.

sakuo Japanese
田から田へ  真直ぐ刈るや 冬 祈祷
ta kara ta he mattusugu karu ya fuyu kitou

Issa Original
田から田へ 真一文字や 十夜道
ta kara ta e ma ichi monji ya jûya michi

Reference for my imagenation
(2) ping point weather data of Sinano -mati

sakuo Comment
61 years old, Issa was in last stage of his life. He has met many unhappiness. He really wish to be saved by Buddha grace. He would pray with his all power.

Issa site

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