Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Mr, Toad it's your turn Sir !

Mr, Toad

David English
Mr. Toad--the fifth month rainshave begun!

-Issa, 1812
50 years old, lived in Edo, leaving out on November tohis home village for dwelling eternally there.

sakuo Japanese
がま殿や 五月雨すでに 降り始め
gama dono ya samidare sudeni furi hajime

Issa Original
hiki dono no hatsu samidare yo samidare yo

sakuo impression
Toad likes the humid corner where mold grows. He likes the season of rain that is May rain in old lunar calendar. Issa called a toad with Mr that is respectable saying but he would josh the toad with some affection.

Issa site

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