Sunday, March 13, 2005

stupid cricket !

mashed down

David English
mashed down by the crickets' feet...the eaves

-Issa, 1825
Age 63, before 2 years of his death. Last year he was stricken with paralysis . Next year he will get married again.

sakuo Japanese
すりつぶす 蟋蟀の足 軒端かな
suri tubu su kourogi no asi noki kana

Issa Original
kôrogi ni fumi-tsubusareshi hisashi kana

sakuo impresion
The eaves are little insect so that they can not stepped dowm the eaves.I think the eaves is the symbol of the house ,that must be respected.
To damage one's eaves means to damage personal dignity .Issa would be deeply shamed by some one who is stupid.

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