Friday, March 04, 2005

splash crossing River !

splish splash

David English
splish splash crossing Ishi River...a pheasant!

-Issa, 1814
52 years old, the settlement of father's asset has been decided, he got his share.marred with Kiku. On August went to Edo for preparation of retirement.

sakuo Japanese
しぶきあげ 石川渡る 雉かな
sibuki age isi kawa wataru kijisu kana

Issa Original
ishi kawa wo zabu-zabu wataru kigisu kana

sakuo Comment.
I think Issa looks like a pheasant crossing river bravely. In accident Rome Caesar had crossed a river with great decision. Issa 's mind has reached at higher level at this time.

Issa site

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