Thursday, March 31, 2005

how nice feeling, on Buddha's lap !

the stray cat

David English
the stray catmakes Buddha's lapits pillow

-Issa, 1812
50 years old, lived in Edo, leaving out on November tohis home village for dwelling eternally there.It needs more two year to getting his share of father's asset.

sakuo Japanese
迷い猫 仏の膝を 枕かな
mayoi neko hotoke no hiza wo makura kana

Issa Original
nora neko ga hotoke no hiza wo makura kana

Issa site

sakuo image
Stray cat is Issa, who has been straying in Edo for long time. At this time he could have hope to return home village. So he has got peace in his mind.

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