Saturday, April 09, 2005

Have the baggers kids ?

they have kid maybe

David English
they have kids maybe bridge beggars calling fireflies

-Issa, 1811
49 years old, he lost his last teeth. Next year he will return toKasihabara. He has gotten the upper class in the haikuist ranking ofJapan.

sakuo Japanese
子を持つか 橋の乞食も 呼ぶ 蛍
ko wo motu ka hasi no kojiki mo yobu hotaru 

Issa Original
ko arite ya hashi no kojiki mo yobu hotaru

David Comment
Shinji Ogawa explains that the ya is not a cutting word in this haiku but rather "a particle to make a conjecture." The beggars "may" have children.

Issa site

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