Sunday, April 17, 2005

Pity my first son !

wrapped in a knot

David English
wrapped in a knot'round the tree at my gate...summer banner

-Issa, 1818
56 years old, stay in Sinano. first daughter was born on May.

sakuo Japanese
結ばれし 我が庵の木に 夏の旗
musu baresi waga iho no ki ni natu no hata

Issa Original
kado no ki ni kukushi-tsuketaru nobori kana

David Tr Comment
I have added the "my"Issa simply writes、"gate"( kado), but the hard-luck condition of the banner suggests to me that it belongs to him.

sakuo Question, Kigo is key
What is summer banner ? That is banner for celebrating new born son.It is called the fifth month's banner or iris banner in Kigo.At this May he has got first daughter, but on the May of before two years he had lost his first son.

I think that May banner is for boy, he has lost boy and now get first daughter. Celebrating coexist with regretting in his mind.Then this haiku has come. Without tears I couldn't read this haiku

Issa site

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