Tuesday, April 05, 2005

teahouse and shower, Ah fresh up !

with a light touch

David English
with a light touch morning's cloud burst...tea shop

-Issa, 1816
53 years old, a year before, after getting father's asset, married with Kiku.He decided to settle down in the home village and went around Bousyu district for the greeting of farewell. as well as he published memorial book as retirement.

sakuo Japanese
軽く降る 朝の驟雨の 茶店かな
karuku fure asano syu u no tyamise kana

Issa Original
assari to asa yûdachi no ochaya kana

Sakuo Comment
Do you Know [ochaya] ? It is not shop for drinking tea. It is the place for waiting room to visit to Whore house. By my dictionary, it is said as follow.
[茶屋 chaya] [茶屋遊び teahouse entertainments] [茶屋遊びをする go on sprees in the pleasure quarters]

sakuo imagination
Issa had stayed at whore house. He had pleasant time. Next morning he came back to teahouse with refreshed mood . When he would start there, shower came suddenly. It was refreshing as like his mood." Ah I fresh up "

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