Friday, April 22, 2005

It's Me, the Old snake !

the old snake

David English
the old snake toward the Western Paradise enters his hole

-Issa, 1821
59 years old. on January his second son died on his mother's back. On April his wife got sick of gout . At Zenkou-ji , the biggest Temple of Jyoudo Buddhist, his haiku board was displayed. His effort has been admitted in the area of north Sinano province.

sakuo Japanese
furu hebi no jyoudo ni mukai anani iru

Issa Original
furu hebi ya haya seihou no ana ni iru

David Comment
In Pure Land Buddhism, Paradise (the Pure Land) exists somewhere in the mythic west. The snake is going the right direction for rebirth in the Pure Land.

sakuo image
Old snake is old Issa whose haiku-board has been displayed at Zenkou-Ji , the most famous Temple of Joudo Buddhist .He had many good haiku friends in Shinano province. Also he had wife , house and farm that are symbolized as snake hole.He would say that my destination has been decided to make my own style Haiku.

Issa site

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