Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Manly buck, great sponsor !

leasing his antlter

David English
leasing his antlerto the cicada...the young buck

-Issa, 1813
51 years old, On January the thirteen memorial party of his father's death , the negotiation of father's asset has finished. Many times he visited haiku friend in North Sinano. On June and July he was ill in bed for blotch .

sakuo Japanese
枝角を 蝉に貸し出す 若雄鹿
eda tuno wo semi ni kasidasu waka o jika

Issa Original
naku semi ni tsuno wo kashitaru oshika kana

sakuo imagination
Season is autumn, cicada must retire to the backstage ,
contrary , young buck will make his stage debut in love fighting.
Now cicada must go back but he has been weak .
He did cry for help.
Cicada is Issa . His sponsor who is rich and powerful has given special aide to him. The sponsor looked like manly buck.

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