Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Masseur how cold it is !

a flute trills

David English
a flute trillsa cane click-clacks...winter moon

-Issa, 1816
53 years old, a year before, after getting father's asset, married with Kiku.He decided to settle down in the home village and went around Bousyu district for the greeting of farewell. as well as he published memorial book as retirement.

sakuo Japanese
笛ひょろり 杖ことことや 冬の月
fue hyorori tue koto koto ya fuyu no tuki

Issa Original
fue pii-pii tue mo katch-kachi fuyu no tuki

sakuo Imagination
this is the haiku of masseur in cold Winter night.He is walking with a flute for asking customers and a cane for radar .It was too cold that the sound of flute hears in high tone. Very cold tune !

Issa site

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