Friday, April 15, 2005

segregation everywhere !


David English
segregation among butterflies too...white gang, yellow gang

-Issa, 1818
56 years old, stay in Sinano. first daughter was born on May. He was keeping visiting around his followers in North Sinano.

sakuo Japanese
差別あり 蝶の仲間も 白黄色
sabetu ari tyo no nakama mo siro kiiro

Issa Original
sore-zore ya cho mo shiro-gumi kiiro-gum

sakuo Remark
Among profestional or amature haikuistes, there were many sectes,this is same in present time as in Edo era.
In village life the villgers are devided to several factions. There is no use in arguing about it now.Issa thought it as like above.

Issa site


Anonymous said...

eh? maybe the butterflies are taped to the hats... or glued... or stapled... or rubber cemented... hm, food for thought

MacElf said...

a little like Dr. Seuss's North-facing Zak and South-facing zak.
Interesting site, devoted to one of the masters...I am going to add your page to my haikutimes blog...also check out for collective group haiku.