Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Suddenly ! suddenly !

heat shimmers

David English
heat shimmers--yesterday's unseentea-and-dumpling shop

-Issa, 1809
47 years old, living Edo. On April going back to Shinano Province, where he was keeping to get acquaintance of haiku.

sakuo Japanese
kagerou ya kinou nakattuta otyaya kana

Issa Original
kagerou ya kinou wa mienu dango chaya

sakuo image
Main theme is "Suddenly" spring. Suddenly heat up of the ground cause heat shimmers. The shop master has Suddenly set up the shop for selling dango to the people who will suddenly gather to see the cherry blossom.

Issa site

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Gone Away said...

haiku of Issa, ah!
ah, what bright surprises, ah!
what refreshment, ah!

(bows and smiles to Issa and Basho, perhaps)

Dear Sakuo-san,

Reading your interpretation of Issa's haiku, suddenly I am thirsty for a little tea.

I am happy for you and excited with you to read about your gallery show of haiga.

Wishing you success and joy,