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With Edo accent, said .

the day is devilishly

David English
the day is devilishly long! long!

-Issa, 1818
56 years old, stay in Sinano. first daughter was born on May.

sakuo Japanese
恐ろしく その日は 永く 永かりき
osorosiku sono hiha nagasi naga kariki

Issa Original
berabô ni hi no nagai kana nagai kana

sakuo Comment
I think [ berabou] was used in Edo, it was a kind of Edo accent. I have grown up in Shizuoka that is located over Hakone mountain. I don't use [ berabou-me] or [berabou-ni]. Shinano would be quite same. 

sakuo Image
At this time Issa has stayed in countryside, Shinano.
Time is Spring. Day goes long and long. I think it 's because of snowy country and less excitement than city as Edo.
Thinking of Edo life, Issa said with Edo accent, "the day is very very long, and it is very peace, Thank you Amida san "

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