Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Wonderfull Perspective !

one branch

David English
one branch makes Kyoto's sky...plum blossoms

-Issa, 1802
40 years old, the year before his farther has died. the trouble on assethas began for 12 years continued. He started to go around the province of Northern Kanto area.

sakuo Japanese
一枝で作る みそらや 梅の花
hito eda de tukuru misora ya ume no hana

Issa Original
kata eda wa miyako no sora yo mume no hana

sakuo remark
Issa has well known about perspective. If you put something at the front of your eyes, you could feel more large space beyond it.Wonderful Issa's poetic imagination !!

Issa site

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